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We Are Roadside Music Management

We're creating the best  entertainment for artists to succeed by having created the first all-inclusive artist Management company.

Band on Stage


  • Artist Development

  • Publishing

  • Administration 

Radio Promotion

  • Single Release

  • Airplay Campaign

  • Airplay Monitoring

  • Streaming Services

  • Internet Radio

  • Terrestrial Radio

  • Satellite Radio

  • Radio Tour


  • Image & Branding

  • Social Media

  • Creative Services

  • Photo Sessions & Video Production Coaching


  • Multi-Media Reports

  • TV & Film, Video Games & Advertising

  • Streaming Service Syndication

  • Audio Duplication


  • Image & Branding

  • Biography

  • Press Kit

  • Press Releases

  • Interview Coordination

  • Media Training


  • Business Management 

  • Legal Assistance

  • Financial Consultation

  • Personal Management

  • Merchandising 

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What We Are About


We set up each individual artist to succeed in their career. The biggest asset to RMM is the artists, and our ability for the artists to reach their goals is our #1 Goal!


With the artist retaining 100% of their creative rights, we want the artists to succeed with their own style and branding. Your creativity matters, its why you do this!


We strive for all of our artists to be Family not only with us but to each of RMM's other artists working cohesively as a team pushing one another towards their goals!

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