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Thank You For Listening! You guys are what keeps this thing going! ~ Seth Reid

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Seth Reid

The Music & The Man

Seth Reid has enjoyed much success this year. From spending 7 weeks atop the Texas Country Live Charts, breaking into the TIRC top 100, and his first upcoming full band release of "Gypsy Soul" (August 9th). Although it hasn't stopped there. This Navy Veteran has enjoyed an East coast tour, playing over 100 shows in the state of Texas and most recently an 11 show stint over 7 days in Nashville.


 The music of Seth Reid is described as sounds of "The Whiskey Drenched, PallMall burnt laments of a drifter". Drawing from country heroes such as Waylon Jennings and Guy Clark, don't expect this to be your average show. An up-tempo Honky-Tonkin good time full of covers you know and originals you'll love will be evoked from the moment he steps on stage. 

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