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Mo Hoffmeyer

A great VOCALIST and PERFORMER and Michigan Native cutting her teeth in Nashville. Being influenced by artists from Carrie Underwood and Big & Rich to Pat Benetar and Christina Aguilera, Mo can make you cry whether it be with force or finesse.

Mo Hoffmeyer


Mo has played across the US and has been all over Nashville over the last 10 years. From Tootsies to the Nashville Palace she has played some of the most notable venues in Music City USA.


A natural musician, Mo with her powerhouse vocals, immense range, and “give it all” stage presence has captured the attention and hearts of everyone who has heard her sing. She grew up bailing hay and raising livestock proving she is no stranger to hard work and knows the power of a little grit. Not only can you hear that in her music, but also see it on stage when she performs. Mo began her music tutelage under Grammy winning Choir Director Mary Alice Stollak at the Michigan State University Community Music School and continued her studies when she moved to Tennessee under CMA Music Teachers of excellence Award winner, Michael Choate. She then began honing her passion for  music and started singing in Nashville when she was 16 years old. Mo’s favorite compliments on stage have been “how do you get such a big voice out of such a small body” and “thank you for being weird.” With musical influences of Carrie Underwood, Big and Rich, Pat Benetar and Christina Aguilera Mo has crafted a unique voice to match her unique personality. A show you wont forget.


With many originals to choose from Mo has more originals in the works, a fall tour being planned and is already starting secure dates for the 2023 season.


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